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St James’ Anglican School is a K-12 private school situated in the northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. A new school, established in 2015 and currently K-11, it has 725 students and 86 staff. In 2021, it will have the full complement of K-12, with over 1,100 students.


St James’ was a greenfield site, and at the time of engagement, consisted of a single demountable office. After intensive consultation, Dextera provided recommendations on all hardware and software including server infrastructure, VMware solutions, network switches, WiFi access points, content management, email system, student management systems, PC, iPad and workstation management. After ratification, Dextera undertook all logistics, including ordering, installation and configuration of all required infrastructure.


Dextera continue to manage every aspect of IT at St James. The school has become somewhat of a pioneer and leader in IT since its inception.

It was the first school in Australia to use ZuluDesk (now Jamf School)

and is continually at the cutting edge of Mac and Windows deployment and management.


Geraldton Grammar School is a K-12 private school situated in the regional town of Geraldton, which is 425km north of Perth in Western Australia. It has a school population of 600 students.


Dextera was engaged to migrate the school's total iPad fleet from

the time-consuming process of manual management via Apple Configurator 2, to wireless management via the Jamf School MDM 

solution. The challenge was to do the entire project remotely.


The school was enrolled into Apple School Manager and devices retrospectively enrolled into DEP. During this period, Dextera consulted with the school to determine how best to manage devices. 


With the process determined, over the course of 1.5 days, Jamf School was configured, devices were reset to factory and enrolled into MDM

via zero-touch – a process enabling pre-configuration -  with users, applications, profiles and restrictions being applied the instant they appeared in Jamf School. Training was provided to the school’s IT staff throughout the deployment, enabling them to be self-sufficient.


This project was incredibly successful, as the school went from keeping the iPads in cupboards, to actively utilising them.


Lynwood Senior High School is an independent public school located in the southern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. It has a total school population of 1,500 students.

The school’s IT Department initially engaged Dextera to update and simplify Mac deployment with the ultimate aim being to integrate the mobile classrooms of MacBook Pro's into their student and staff login Active Directory (AD) environment.

Utilising Apple School Manager, Jamf School and bespoke applications, Dextera delivered an automated, self-updating, fully-managed and

AD-integrated deployment solution for the labs. 

After the success of the Mac lab integration, Dextera was again engaged to assist with their iPad deployment.

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