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mdm is key to education IT

At Dextera, our mandate is all about enhancing the learning experience, and Mobile Device Management (MDM)

is key to the integration of IT into the learning environment. 

For the Apple ecosystem, Apple School Manager is an essential administrative and staging tool,

whilst the MDM manages the deployment of devices, applications and restrictions. 

Apple School Manager

Apple School Manager (ASM) is a free web portal that helps you manage people, devices and content in Schools.


It’s used to enrol devices into a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system; purchase apps and books for students and staff and setup Managed Apple IDs for students to access devices and utilise iCloud. 

ASM is integral to MDM, so speak to your principal and enrol your school here.


Dextera are certified partners of  Jamf School (formally ZuluDesk).  Jamf School is the leading-edge, powerful, cost-effective device management system for the modern digital classroom. The solution offers schools a full-featured MDM system via the Jamf School Management System, with additional functionality in Teacher, Student and Parent applications.


Jamf School is the very best MDM choice for education. The inventory, deployment, and security of every Mac, iPad, Apple TV and iPhone in your school is easily managed and the system integrates with existing IT solutions with an ease never before possible.

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Mobile Device Management

Options for Jamf Management

Dextera offer a fully managed MDM service to schools. This ensures seamless installation, deployment and training, in addition to on-going monitoring of all systems. Of course, some schools may need to choose a different option for on-going management. 


Fully Managed​

School purchases licenses and 

Dextera configures Jamf School 

and devices (macOS, iOS, tvOS).

Dextera train staff on using the Teacher app, and other agreed elements.


 Dextera manage all aspects of Jamf School and Apple School Manager.



License Purchase & Installation

School purchases licenses and

Dextera configures Jamf School and devices (macOS, iOS, tvOS).

Dextera train staff on using the Teacher app, purchasing/ deploying apps and profiles.

School then self-manages.



License Purchase Only

School purchases licenses and      self-manages installation and management.


Apple Professional Learning

Are you ready to take professional learning to the next level? Maybe you've acquired foundational skills via the complementary 

Apple Teacher learning program, and are looking for ways to further enhance learning outcomes for your students?

Dextera has partnered with Lumos Learning, an Apple Professional Learning Specialist,

to offer a range of pre-defined and bespoke offerings for schools.


Lumos Learning draw upon their extensive teaching expertise and technical know-how, to tailor courses and mentor teachers

with achieving the end goal where pedagogy drives the use of technologies in the classroom. This is done by utilising dynamic, stimulating, creative methodologies and content to build a solid, supportive foundation with which to inspire and foster teacher confidence in assisting students achieve greater success. 

Education iPad.png


Dextera provides a conduit between IT and Teaching and Learning. 

As a member of the Apple Consultants Network (ACN) and Apple Solution Expert Education (ASE) providers, our mandate is all about enhancing the learning experience rather than simply replacing one tool with another. 


We will work with your school to determine where you want to go, examine where you are, set realistic milestones and work with you through each phase to ensure you reach the desired endpoint. 

Apple Consultants Network

Apple Education Finance

Apple offers flexible finance options that allows your school to leverage your technology dollars. You’ll benefit from payment, leasing, and refresh options that are tailored for you.


With financing, you can select a payment schedule that’s right for your budget cycle - annual, semi-annual, quarterly or

monthly - and match payments to the life of the equipment with no down payment required. You can also include software, support, and training in the lease payment and trade-in 

Whether your technology plan calls for a mobile lab or a full deployment of hardware, software, installation, and professional development, Apple Financial Services will design a financing solution that fits your needs.

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