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Specialised ICT strategic planning and deployment for education and business in both Apple and Windows.

Apple Device Management

Dextera is a member of the Apple Consultants Network (ACN), and are Apple Solution Expert Education (ASE) providers. 

Only companies possessing exceptional knowledge and understanding of the application of technology in schools

are selected by Apple to become a part of the ASE.

The Dextera team have over 100 years of cumulative experience using the host of Apple products,

if your school or business is using Apple technologies, we’re your technology partner of choice!

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For Education


For Business

Windows Device Management

We have many clients using Windows, with many having a mix of Apple and Windows. We are fully conversant

with Windows clients, server, virtualisation platforms, networking, WiFi and various flavours of Linux. 


We possess the experience and expertise to develop a strategic approach to the deployment of technology

with the aim of improving your business outcomes. We understand both environments, offer personalised

service and advice, and back it with industry-leading support.


Combined with our 24/7 cloud-based remote monitoring, patching, management and help desk solution,

we ensure you've got the competitive advantage.


Network Design

Your network is key to facilitating function.

In any place of business, your information systems are only as good as the quality of your network allows. 

IT networking can be a precarious intricacy of components, speeds and protocols. Whether it be cross-platforms, cable or WiFi,

or multi-site (WAN) topologies, our qualified staff at Dextera are exceptionally well versed at designing and building networks for both the business and education sectors.

If your wireless network is slow or experiencing coverage issues, Dextera can undertake an on-site wireless site survey and provide the required insight to address the issues. 


Hardware & Software Procurement

Procurement can seem like a bit of a jungle. Dextera has a finger on the pulse of this ever-changing landscape.


We work closely with hardware and software vendors such as Apple, ASUS, Cisco, Ubiquiti and Microsoft to design,

supply and support the ideal solution for your school or business.


We have assisted hundreds of schools and businesses hone in on the most optimum IT suite – to suit both their

functionality and financial parameters.


Internet Filtering & Student Safety

Now, more than ever, minimising security risks and monitoring online activity is paramount - 

perhaps most significantly in the education sector.


Dextera is partnered with Securly, the worlds first cloud-based web filter designed from the ground-up for K-12 schools.

Securly goes beyond providing industry-standard compliance and into the realm of student safety.

Securly protects all devices, both on and off campus, helping schools implement 1:1 programs and BYOD policies.

There's even a parent application.

Securly's Auditor tool scans students' social media posts and school email for signs of cyberbullying and self-harm,

along with sending SOS alerts to parents and counselors.


Point of Sale

POSd (Point of Sale by Dextera) is the trusted Lightspeed point of sale partner in Western Australia.

Be it customer transactions through to whole-business integration, 

we can clarify your business needs and simplify the solution.

Point of Sale

Our Partners

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